Food that make you lose weight?

Several food you can eat and drink that will actually aid in your weight loss.


The Foods.

1)Milk and Dairy Product.

	Recent scientific studies have shown that dietry calcium and dairy are one of 
	the best ways to lose weight.
	No study seems to know why it works but they all agree that it does.
	Milk,yogurt and cheese are excellent sources of calcium too.
2)Chilli Peppers.

	Capsaicin, the active ingredient in chilli and cayenne pepper has shown in 
	scientific studies to help boost your metabolism and regulate blood sugar.
	Capsaicin can help tone down the inflammation. It also has some antioxidant
	properties as well.

3)Green and Oolong Tea.

	These teas have several benefits, including antioxidants and substances called
	polyphenols and catechins which all work together to help promote fat loss.
	Black tea also has these sa,e ingredients but there have been fewer studies 
	linking nlack tea to fat loss than white and Oolog tea.
	Green tea and Oolong tea help convert fat to heat while increasing your 
	metabolic rate and boosting the percentage of fat that is converted 
	over to energy.They also slow the digestion of carbs which helps 
	prevent such noticeble blood sugar spikes.