Types of Fat

The fat in your body acts like an organ. It constantly changing, it is metabolically active and it sends out hromones that affect a range of body functions. Subcutaneous fat is underneath the skin. Visceral fat is in the abdomen and surrounding. Cholesterol is fat in the blood that has been metabolised by the liver. LDL cholesterol can form plaque, blocking the arteries. A warm welcome to whom who is bless to found this website. Introduction An information website that provides tips for solving normal problems that people face. Solution that is given in this website is base on experience and some is taken from books. HelpYourself This website helps you in a best way that we can find. We have no guarantee that the tips works but it is all on hard work basis to achieve the goals that you want to. We hope the tips that is given is suitable for you. Thanks you for believing in us. : )