How to lose weight?

We know that you are tired of being heavy and restless. People calling you names etc.. and you hate it. Here is a very good tips for you to lose weight. It will help you if you really follow the step.


The Simple Steps

Exercise everyday Do jogging around your block everyday in the morning or in the evening.

Skip meals Eat 2 times per day instead of having 3 times per day.

Stop all fast food, candy's and chocolate Stop eating burger of fries.

Do not eat until you are full Because when you eat until you are full you intend to eat some more. 
When you are hungry at night eat fruits to fill you stomach

It is better to eat fruits than have a meal because after that you are going to sleep.

Think and set your mind that being fat is not healthy and ugly. 
This will gain your self esteem and determination to lose your weight

Check your BMI (Body Mass Index) The formula to calculate your BMI (weight in pound X 703) 
Divide (Height in inches) 
Divide again with height in inches = BMI

BMI Health Risk
27.5 and above High Risk
23-27.4 Moderate Risk
18.5-22.9 Low Risk (healthy range)
Below 18.5 Risk of Nutritional Deficiency Diseases and Osteoporosis